Jackboy - How I'm Livin (prod by cclipz) #NewJackCity


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  • They sleep on you Jack KEEP GOING IN FAM

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  • Who still remember dis mixtape🔥🤟💤💰🎯

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  • This that No Hook - Jay - Z beat,, jack snapped

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  • One thing bout me, imma always go and get it I’m always chasing digits, headfirst bout these benji’s Ain’t tripping over no bitches, too concerned about these riches Playing football in them ditches, had me dreaming about them millions But ended up with a sentence, before I was 14 I was a felon I ain’t even much [?] crime, but it still wasn’t no telling Head high kept stepping, still alive it’s a blessing I dont take it for granted so I still ride with my weapon Chopper come from Houston let it sing like Whitney Run up on I’m shooting, knock you off your fitted Remember riding in stolos, going on them missions Now the game so fucked up, it’s way too many many glitches Niggas actin real fishy, gossiping like bitches No telling how I’m comin, might just be a killing Jigga got me in my feeling, bringing out the demon Got me out finessing, who the thugs still be scheming Made lil one get abortion, can’t have a kid now I’m living Said I should be chilling, cause I just came from prison When it come down to those verses, lil water ain’t really friendly Stop taking it personal lil water conducts some business Never spoke on how you ain’t contact while I was in Penitentiary Or sat down and sent a kite, woulda took a couple lil minutes Now I’m in my feelings, big chip on my shoulder Looking for some closure, no holster for the cobra Hit a show dressed like a thug, all black ion do much Diamond in the rough, mouthpiece full of slugs Got shooters in Milwaukee hit you up for them big bucks Sliding round with baby Draco, no controlling us Imma go getta, fear no nigga Yeah I rap, but still I’ll show a nigga Really in the field, you a house nigga Plotting on my cheese, you a mouse nigga Going dandy, I’m on route nigga Kick a door, run in yo house nigga Going dandy, I’m on route nigga Kick a door, run in yo house nigga [Repeat Verse]

    Smokey XSmokey XАй мурун
  • i love this song 🔥

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  • Never spoke on how you ain’t contact while I was in penitentiary, or sat down and sent a kite woulda tooka couple of minutes

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  • Before a 100'000 views

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  • who still listening?

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  • Still bumpin this at home,work,dude everywhere Jack keep up the vibes🙏🙏 12/8/19

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  • Best out sniper gang 1804 jackboy

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  • In my N.B.A JAMS VOICE(HES ON 🔥)

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  • slid

  • go off boy💯

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  • Jackboy so cold ... Flood the city with the jack

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  • Snappin

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  • can somone do a instrumental on this song

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  • Jack boy finesser

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  • Free Jack boi 1804

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  • Excellent

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  • Zoe pound💯💯

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  • sniper gang

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  • that fya

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  • 100th like lol

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  • what's this beat?

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    • Muke Jackson I need to know my self😂💯

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  • hook fire af 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

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  • instrumental??

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    • Ade Daodu not urs

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  • Im feelin this one!

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